Best Cordless Iron in India 2024 – Cordless Iron Box Review & Buying Guide

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If you love to look well-groomed and excellent at any time of the day, then you would have known about the irons. The irons are the simplest and the most reliable way to look good in any dress, especially with formal wear. No matter what kind of clothes you have in your wardrobe, you can easily rely on the irons to look great and free from wrinkles. 

The Indian market is filled with numerous kinds and models of irons and almost all of them serve the purpose. However, one major drawback of the electric irons is that they need to be connected to the power socket to function. And frankly speaking, it is not always possible to find a proper place to iron the clothes near the power socket. So, in order to make things a bit easier for the users, a few manufacturers come up with a great solution and named it the “Cordless iron”. 

According to cordless irons are equally functional as the corded ones but are far more usable and have similar features. The addition of the cordless functionality makes these irons much more useful and easier to use than the traditional irons. In this article, we are going to talk about the three most popular cordless irons that you can buy today. Try the products on the list and then decide which one of these products is a perfect choice for your home and which of them fulfills your needs of buying an iron for your home. 

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Top 3 Best Cordless Irons in India

As said, the cordless irons are getting immensely popular among the users and that’s the reason why you may find numerous brands having a few models that are perfect for Indian buyers. This wide range of products may confuse you and may interrupt you from buying the best and the most reliable cordless iron for your home. 

To make things easier for you, we are listing the three most popular and brilliantly made cordless irons currently available in the market. Go through the list and then decide which of them is an ideal buy for your home and needs. I must state here that few people are asking the list of Philips cordless iron and Bajaj cordless iron but I have researched I really didn’t find much from these brands.

#1 Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN

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The first cordless iron that we are going to include in this list of the best cordless irons is the Black+Decker’s BD BXIN220IN. The brand has a great reputation among buyers who love buying high-quality and no-compromise products for them. Like most of the products from the brand, this cordless iron from Black+Decker also has some industry-leading features, great usability, and impeccable after-sales service. 

Some of the best features that made us include this product in the list of the best cordless irons are listed below. Go through these points and then decide whether this is the right product for your home, or not. 

  • Corded and cordless mode of operation as per the convenience of the user
  • Reliable ceramic coated soleplate for better glide and fabric protection
  • Anti-drip feature for safer and efficient use

In all, if you were looking for a great value for money product and are after brilliant performance, the BD BXIR2201IN would be a perfect product for you to go with. Try your hands on it and you are not going to be disappointed by it. 

#2 Prestige Cordless Magic Steam Iron


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Prestige is another brilliant brand trusted by millions of India for the household. The Prestige has kept its reputation as a reliable brand and has been serving Indians from past many decades. The cordless magic steam iron is a great product from the brand and is extremely simple to use. Even though you haven’t used to steam irons before, you can easily get to it without spending hours reading the user manual.

Simple design, efficient performance and brilliant brand value are some of the USP of the product that makes it a wonderful cordless steam iron to go for under 2k. 

Some of the best features of the Prestige Magic Steam Iron are listed below. If you are looking forward to buying this iron, then you should know these points so that you can easily decide whether this is the right product for your home, or not.

  • Burst mode for dealing with tough wrinkles
  • Reliable power base
  • Adjustable temperature knob for better control

So, these were the best features of Prestige Magic Steam iron that make it a worthy product to buy for home, if you are fed of using corded irons at home and are looking for alternatives.

#3 Syska Iron SCI-926


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For the buyers who are looking for a great set of features and flawless performance, the Syska Iron SCI-936 can be a brilliant choice. Although the company is relatively new in India, it is completely reliable, and if you were looking for a feature-rich iron that has all the latest and most useful features that you will find on the high-end irons and the reliability that are hard to find in the irons. 

Some of the best features that make Syska SCI-926 a brilliant product to go with are:

  • Highly durable design
  • Brilliant after-sales service and better network
  • Provides good steam rate for better ironing

In all, if you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and feature-rich cordless iron that works extremely well, the Syska SCI-926 can be a great product for you. Try your hands on it and get amazed by the performance and efficiency of the iron. 


So, these were the three best cordless irons that you can buy this year for your home. All of them are carefully chosen for the Indian homeowners and are perfect for those buyers who are looking forward to having a perfect alternative to the traditional corded irons to make their clothes new and wrinkle-free. Just make sure that you are buying the cordless iron that is easy to use and has the necessary features that you are going to use on a daily basis.

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