5 Best Garment Steamers/Vertical Irons in India 2019

We all love wearing polished and smooth clothes throughout the day, whether we’re home, at school or job. This makes steaming a very important process in our lives. To leave a good impression on people who meet you, it’s always important to dress nicely and look as tidy as possible. This is why a proper garment steamer can help you. Since the competition is stronger than ever, choosing a proper one by yourself is time-consuming and hard to do.

For that reason, we’ve come up with a list of top 5 best garment steamers in India, in hope that you’ll buy a proper garment steamer much easier.

Best Garment Steamers in India 2019

1. Russell Hobbs RGS1500-PRO

Image source: amazon.com

Russel Hobbs RGS1500-PRO is an ultimate garment steamer. It’s great for an average user but it’s also great for professional users, for those who work at hotels or need to steam clothes daily. The reason we’ve put this steamer on the first spot is its versatility and flexibility, meaning that it can be used in different modes. For example, it has two thermostats that allow you to independently vary the temperature for both lower and higher heating elements. The telescopic pole is also adjustable, so you don’t need to use the full length if you don’t need it. Speaking of length, it comes with a 6.5ft power cord, which is a massive step in the right direction.

The maintenance is also hassle-free, thanks to the drain plug for self-cleaning. When the water runs out, the steamer uses its auto shut-off feature, making it energy-efficient and great for those who want to save on electricity. With the heating time of 45 seconds and a tank capacity of 1.6 liters, you can now steam continuously for 45 minutes.

2. Philips GC504/35

Image source: amazon.in

Philips is a brand that needs no special introduction. These guys know what they do, which is proven by GC504/35 garment steamer that packs a hell of a punch for the price. Speaking of its punch, let’s mention the 1600 W power, which is more than enough for high-quality and thorough steaming of your clothes. With more than a hundred positive reviews on Amazon, this steamer quickly gained love from the Indian customers. Its design is sleek, elegant, and modern, with the performance being outstanding. Due to its high power, it provides constant steam, allowing you to steam the clothes for around 45 minutes straight.

Although elegant, the design is sturdy enough, thus allowing you to use the hose without worrying that you might pull it to the ground. Overall, Philips GC504/35 is an elegant, sturdy, and quality garment steamer.

3. Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer

Image source: amazon.in

Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer is a true family garment steamer, able to satisfy the needs of 4 to 5 family members. The steam output of 21 gm/min makes for an effective garment steaming, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time to make the process noticeable. As far as the power consumption goes, we are looking at a 1000-Watt steamer, which is the lowest on this list. Still, this shouldn’t bother you, as even with negligible power consumption, it manages to be a beast. The steamer also comes with a detachable fabric brush, meaning that you can use only steaming if you don’t need to brush your clothes. The proof that a lot of work has been put into it is in the automatic shut-off technology.

It will shut down the steamer if the overheating happens, making it safe for everyone to use. Your clothes can now get the royal treatment with a press of a button. It’s that easy!

4. Black & Decker GST2000-B5

Image source: amazon.in

Black & Decker GST2000-B5 is on a more expensive side of the spectrum but the price is almost completely justified. First, we have a 40-second heat time, alongside 3 levels of continuous steam to choose from. All three levels are great for all types of clothes, which is not strange since we’re talking about behemoth-like steamer that packs 2000 Watts of power. Given its enormous power and size, we have a 2.4-liter water tank coming with a colored level indicator for added convenience. The steamer also comes with lint remover for removing small fibers from the garment, as well as fabric brush for removing dust and hair.

With all of these convenient features, you’ll not regret paying a bit more for a steamer like this.

5. Oster 5011 Garment Steamer

Image source: amazon.in

Finally, we have an Oster 5011 Garment Steamer that leaves almost nothing to be desired. This pink beauty packs a lot of power in a relatively compact form factor. With 1600 Watts of power, it provides a steady, constant steam enough for giving your clothes a well-deserved treatment. With a 1.8-liter tank capacity, this steamer isn’t great for bigger families but for families of 2 or 3, it’s a great steamer to have. The hose length of 1.5 m isn’t that impressive but we can’t say anything bad since it’s not gigantic as the previous steamer. At the end of the hose, we have a ceramic faceplate used for eliminating odor and wrinkles.

The bristle brush is also here and does a good job of removing dust and pet hair from your clothes. Even the delicate fabrics work well with this steamer, so you won’t have to worry about the type of clothes you have. With less than 30 reviews on Amazon, we feel that this steamer is underrated. For the price, it’s nothing short of perfection.


If you take proper care of your clothes, a garment steamer is a good piece of tech to have in your household. The fact that you can steam your clothes without the ironing board is a huge plus and is a time-saver for many people. Now that we’ve narrowed down your choices, you can use the links from above to buy your new garment steamer.