How To Iron A Leather Jacket – 2024 Ultimate Guide

Most of us don’t like to iron or press our clothes; we think it’s tedious or stepping out without pressing the clothes is ok. But wearing good clothes but in a proper style add more to your looks. Agreed there are certain clothes which need not be ironed, just depending upon the fabric or the quality of the material or clothes. What about the leather jacket?  It itself is a style quotient.

Imagine wearing a branded leather jacket that suits you, your personality is magnified by the same but it is not properly pressed or ironed. It will look like a princess living in a simple house or a cottage.

The leather is such material or texture which needs to be ironed & pressed with the utmost care and certain techniques should be followed. We sometimes don’t want to take the risk and delegate the work to an outside vendor or in the shop where ironing or pressing is being done. Again there is a fear of tearing out, burning or stain.

iron a lather jacket

Basically, Leather is not being ironed or pressed but there is no option.

There are certain techniques that will help you ironing or pressing your leather jacket without causing damage to the same.

Step 1: Focus on the quality of the press – Focusing only on branded clothes doesn’t help, focusing on the maintenance is too important. For that, we need to buy a good quality press, which helps in automation of heat and has automatic constraints. Leather jackets need to be ironed at low steam or low heat.

Step 2: Don’t put the iron directly – Leathers are more prone to burning or getting cramped through iron or press. So don’t directly put the iron to the surface of the leather jacket rather first put a cotton cloth and move the press or iron over it. This will help in adjusting or absorbing the extra heat by the cloth and give the jacket a soothing effect and easy ironing.

Step 3: Always flatten the jacket while ironing or pressing – Do flatten the surface of the jacket and unbutton it. Buttoning the jackets creates a hindrance while ironing. As iron gets stacked to the buttons & there is a chance of buttons falling apart.

Step 4: Use heavy lifts to flatten the jackets – Here heavy lifts don’t mean the literal heavy objects but the articles like heavy books. It flattens the leather jacket and helps in moving the iron over the surface of the leather in an easy manner.

Step 5: Make sure the collars are not wrinkled – Collars are the main part of any clothing. But it doesn’t remain the way it should remain even after ironing or pressing it. Make sure you don’t miss the collars.

This video can help you to understand better all the above-explained steps:

Conclusion – After wearing clothes, it is obvious it will get wrinkled, crumbled up, that doesn’t mean will stop wearing clothing that needs to be pressed or ironed. We should know how and what is the sequence or way ironing is to be done.

Above mentioned steps will certainly help you in making your leather jacket pressed in a fine manner.

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