How To Iron A Cotton Shirt In 2 Minutes – Ultimate Guide

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Oh! You are late for office/school/college/party/outdoor.

There are

Your colleagues are waiting, and you aren’t ready yet! Summer is beating

And your cotton shirt is twirky, but you feel comfortable and confident in your favorite cotton shirt.

There are numerous beauty products which promise to stay 9 to 5, similarly, it will be great if the same is the case with our shirts. The shirts must be flexible according to our seating position or posture. Isn’t it?

Ironing or pressing is not a tedious task as we think, it’s just to know and replicate with proper technique. Ironing or pressing is a daily task like brushing the teeth. But we think oh no! Will press the shirt now and within the time we reach office the same cranky, squeaky shirt. You think it’s a daily drama you are pissing up with me

how to iron a cotton shirt

Let’s have a magic wand and see how to make a crumbled cotton shirt into a plain shining shirt.

1. Select proper iron/ press – There are certain presses or irons which needs to heat up at first as there is fear of burning of clothes so before purchasing an iron/ press, the selection is of utmost importance with respect to quality, weight ( so that you don’t have to put much pressure to the clothes) last but not the least make sure that the iron has steam facility: which will generate more heat.

2. Choose a proper ironing space – Sometimes we prefer to iron a shirt on the bed which ok, but the bedsheet should be in a proper as a plain surface. If the bedsheet is crumbled up it will replicate on the shirt too. You can always use an ironing board.

3. Don’t randomly use the machine (iron or press) over the shirt – If you are pressing a shirt in a particular direction maintain it throughout. The best is you can divide the shirts into 5 parts (2 front sides, 1 back side and two sleeves).

4. Focus on the collars and cuffs – It s much easier to iron the surface of the cotton shirt rather than the collar. If a collar is not properly ironed, it feels like nothing is being done. The collar sometimes acts as the tail of a dog. It remains the same. It s advisable in the span of 2 minutes at least give quality pressing time to collars.

5. Make sure you unfold the sleeves and keep two front sides of the shirt apart – This will provide an even constraint to all the areas and will make your work easier.

You can also take a look at this instructional video:


Trains, traffic, pushing by co-passengers make your shirt tangled or crumpled up. No worries: A hair dryer is another remedy. Just sprinkle few drops of water on the shirt and blow a hairdryer over the surface of the shirt.

Above mentioned are the few magic wands which will not only save your time but give you a complete gentleman look.

                   ‘Smart Work’, ‘Happy Ironing’

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