How To Iron Your Trousers & Jeans – Step-by-Step Guide

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Really ironing is a tedious task?  Or we actually don’t know denim can be ironed or pressed. Yes agreed, there are certain stretchable jeans and trousers, but to retain their quality it should not only be washed with utmost care but should also be ironed in a sequenced manner. Sometimes we properly press our shirts but not the trouser. We think it is the way it is to be. But practically, a gentleman looks come when your looks are toe-toe with all the accessories. Ignoring the denim and wearing it just as it is sometimes is treated as a fashion mistake.

You have often noticed that your denim or trousers have come up with tiny particles or threads are hanging from different surfaces of the jeans/ trousers. It is just because of the lack of care taken by us. While choosing any clothes let it be jeans or trousers we focus on brand, quality and spend lots and lots of time investing in the same. But we don’t continue investing certain valuable time by pressing the same.

Pressing and ironing the jeans in a proper manner tightens the pores and reduces the gap in between the fabrics and makes the fabric more reliable.

In the rainy season, our jeans & trousers often get wet, but what we do? We simply wash them, show it to the Sun and very next day we just put it on and get busy with our own work. But this should not be the case. Often we wear jeans without pressing or ironing them, fearing it may damage our Denim.  We iron our trousers on a regular basis.

How To Iron Your Trousers Jeans

But what is the right technique to iron your denim, trousers or jeans?

1. Have a look at the fabric – It is of the utmost importance to look & have a check on the fabric. A woolen trouser needs to be ironed or pressed on high steam or high heat.

So as with pieces of denim, check you are ironing it at a required temperature.

2. Never miss out on the pockets – Be it jeans/Denim or trousers, do iron the crumbled up pockets. Even if the whole surface is ironed properly, unpressed pockets may give you a shabby look. Trousers or jeans may look un-surfaced.

3. Focus on the waistband at first – While ironing the trouser or denim we start it from the front rather than focusing on the waistband. It enhances the flatness of the jeans/trousers. This will make your work easier.

4. Have a focus on the lines present on the trousers – We have noticed there is a line present in the trousers, which indicates a direction to press.

5. Never iron with closed buttons – Be it jeans or trousers always press it with fly buttons which gives a proper body structure after wearing.

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to perfectly iron your trousers:

Conclusion – We all want a professional & gentleman look, for that we opt for hard work or we assigned the work of ironing to a vendor. But the above-mentioned techniques can help you in executing the work in an easy way and saves a lot of time.

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